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Originally Posted by faunabay
I got it!!!!!!!!! I finally got my Ancient Italian!!! Debra is the best!!!!

And yes, I have to say you all are right. (everyone take a bow) It's beautiful! The embellishments on the minors are so much prettier. And while there are still a few Classical cards I like better in my initial flip through of the AT - mostly I like the AT better!

Alot of the people seem to have lipstick smeared all over their faces. LOL But the deck is just more appealing for some reason! It's softer than the Classical.
Yay! So glad you've finally got it, and even MORE glad you actually like it I agree with Le Fanu, it just 'feels' more like a true historical deck to me. I adore the borders, where I can't stand the borders on the Classical. And although the decks are very similar, the faces are quite different in the AIT and, in my opinion, more friendly

I hope you enjoy reading with it too.
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