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Originally Posted by emmsma
Well, I received the Classical and the AIT today and looked through them side by side. I can honestly say I am torn.

Its probably an even 50/50 of cards I prefer from each deck. I very much prefer the AIT's backs. After that, I liked the AIT's pentacles, swords from the classical.

Since pips don't generally work to well for me I am happy for the keywords on the Classical.
I'm with you emmsma, there are cards in both that I really like. And again like you I'm not really up on reading with pips so I do like the keywords on the Classical. But the AI is softer...which I really like.

I kind of see myself later on down the road - after I get used to reading with pips liking the Ancient Italian more. I love the softer colors. Although I don't like the red smeared lips on alot of the cards. LOL

I'm already thinking of getting a backup deck that I can trim though!!! I think the AIT would be beautiful trimmed!!!
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