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World Spirit Study Group

Sulis and others,
Never having participated in a study group here on Aeclectic I have no opposition to the logical idea of going in order. Suits me fine.

Sulis-that was a weird link! So, I'm also trying to find the WS threads but so far haven't found a one, except for the few new ones discussing the merits/drawbacks of the deck.

Thanks by the way for the article link. I checked that out and liked the women who created the deck.

I'm having fun with my new WS deck. And again Sulis, it is you who turned me onto the deck. Early in the Seekers thread you used your World Spirit deck and I loved the description you gave of the card...can't remember it. But then I saw some scans of the deck and just kept coming back to it. I have to say, that the card I like the least is the 3 of swords. It is very strange.

So, as soon as I can find a thread I will post to it about the cards you have studied to date.
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