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Hello Chiriku,

I’m sorry nobody answered your question yet. I have no answers either, but I can add my two cents

I’m using yet another book: “HallowQuest: The Arthurian Tarot Course”, which is blue with The Lady of the Lake on the cover,
Originally Posted by Faolainn Storm View Post
Hallowquest: the Arthurian Tarot Course doesn't have any new information. What it contains is all of the text of the The Arthurian Tarot Course: a Quest for All Seasons and about 2/3 of the information from Hallowquest: Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries.
and the LPB.

I didn’t delve into this deck as deep as you have, so I didn’t notice any inconsistencies yet. But I looked up the examples you gave.

This is how I understand it. Each card stands for an archetype. E.g. about the Wounded King: “here we find the part of ourselves which is wounded” (book p. 232)
These archetypes can also be found in the King Arthur stories. But, as you already said in your post, this is not “one story”, but a vast group of stories, myths, legends… that changed over time. So in one story this archetype could be represented by this character, but 100 year later the story could have been changed and now the archetype is represented by another figure.

So I don’t think it was the intention of the Matthewses to relate each card to a particular story or a particular character, but to an archetype, that is expressed differently in the different stories.

For example: about the Spear King is stated: “He is that part of you that is deeply committed to healing that which has been wounded” (p 188). Then book goes on giving EXAMPLES of this archetype in the Arthurian stories, like Bran the Blessed. Then the book goes on: “But perhaps the most famous exemplar of this role is King Pelles …”

Btw: The Wounded King in my book is referred to as: “This card indicates an aspect of Arthur himself as the wounded Grail king, unable to move about his land, dependent on the wise actions of independent questing knights who work without any seeming coordination.”

I hope this helps,

PS And for those who are wondering, I'm still working on this course, but at my own pace, which is very very slow. Actually, at the moment, I’m celebrating my two year anniversary by rereading everything I wrote this far.
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