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Originally Posted by PAMUYA View Post
Yes to your question, tarot has been made more complex than is has to be. As Einstein said, if your can't explain something simply, you do not understand it well enough. Not just in tarot, but everything in life......
Einstein also said that everything should be as simple as possible BUT NOT SIMPLER! Telephone books have become so 'simplified' that it has become difficult to find emergency telephone numbers, and computer operating systems have become so 'simple' that one has to a search for diagnostic procedures which required only a single word at the command prompt in DOS.

For me it is simpler to understand why a common keyword for the Chariot is 'victory' than to merely memorize the keyword without understanding its origins.

When I wanted to know why Justice and Strength were interchanged in the RWS, I had to find out. To say that it is an astrological thing is merely to replace one question by another. I had to dig to find out why it is relevant, and I know now that it doesn't really matter, provided that one has an enlightened view of the issue. It took a good bit of time to come to that realization.

We have become so used to instant gratification that we have become allergic to anything which may involve what we regard as complexity, but sometimes a little digging provides its own gratification in the form of deeper insight.
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