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For Jewel

You have not only caught up with the study group but you now get a day or two to rest. Your card is definitely a different portrayal of the STAR card.

For part 2) you noted that there were "no objects." It is possible that the book was not meant to be taken so literal. If so, the "objects" would be the vines and flowers and fish and water's edge. Should these objects be taken as a single object -- nature -- how would that play into your card's message of "hope"?

Just curious. The STAR card in many decks are often quite beautiful but their portrayal of a message is sometimes indistinct relative to the word "Hope." Could you see this image as also suggesting "being at peace within ones own natural environment?" Or, "Seeking and reveling in an unhurried pace within comforting surroundings?" Or, "recognizing that we are part human, part god, part mother earth, part universe and that this sense of connectedness should lead us to a path of seeking greater perspective and a diminution of daily and petty concerns?"

Part of what I learning from all of these exercises is to stretch my views of possible meanings, possible messages from both individual and grouped symbols. My reaction to "busy" cards tis distill the objects or symbols in to one or a few grouped symbols or collective meanings. For some cards, I find that there can two/more meaning-directions within it. Then the surrounding cards in a spread or the card-position in the spread adds more richness. Perhaps you and others will want to discuss these approaches. Meanwhile, thank you for your earnest efforts and contributions. We're glad your with us. Dave
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