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See I see The Chariot as getting opposing things (like say, your opposing emotions) under control so that you can move forward, overcome obstacles and turn them to your advantage.
I see Temperance as blending different things to come up with something new - alchemical
Temperance is also blending things together till you get the result you want - a trial and error approach.
This is about finding your opposite, your other half or the thing that completes you, so it is about love.
I don't get the choice bit in this card either and I'd like to see it, as I think it's a very big part of most Lovers' cards. I guess you just read it as you see it so maybe I shouldn't be looking for the choice interpretation in this one as it's not there...
Or is it and I'm not seeing it?
Does anyone see choice here?

I love this study group too Papageno
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