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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
The description of the "1910 Rider Tarot Revived" at Amazon says, "This deck is a color accurate photocopy of the original 1910 deck, with glossy '5x3.2' inch cards."

There's one listed on eBay with pictures, but it looks like something's wrong with the pictures of the cards so it's hard to tell much from them.

If you look at the Wheel of Fortune at Mystic Games, the corner is cut straight like the picture of the back in the eBay example. They might be the same deck; the description at Mystic Games says, "Illustrations of the Popular 1910 Deck are public domain." It must've just been released.
Good sleuthing!

Yes, the eBay pictures are strangely washed out.

FWIW, the "waterproof" deck makes the same claims of being a photocopy, and it very well may be, but it then squishes the image proportions for no good reason. Based on what I could make out of theRevived eBar pictures, I think it has the same problem, but it's hard to tell.
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