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His/Her Feelings Spread - 5 cards

So, I came up with this last night to answer my questions about someone's feelings.

I feel this can be used not only for romantic feelings, but anything feeling out what a potential business partner feels towards you, etc.

It worked pretty well for me last night. Someone commented it was a good spread, so I thought I'd share it.

It's short and to the point.


1-2. What are his/her feelings for me?
3. What action should I take?
4. What action will he/she take?
5. Will the outcome between us be happy and/or satisfying for both of us equally?

I realize 5 is really specific. I feel most outcome cards are way too general. We all know what we want to work in our favor, and we often assume that what works out in our favor naturally mean it will be the other person's as well...but of course that isn't always so.
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