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Thatīs a very interesting thread. I focus on accessories as well so I might have a closer look at their shoes now that you pointed that out. I looked at the cards that were wearing them and it seems that the shoes have a touch of "belicose" feeling to them. Depending on the type of shoes, the predisposition to fight is softer or stronger. The princes of Swords, Wands and Pentacles wear shoes whereas the prince of cups is barefoot (heīs more "passive"), less "angry". Funny, the only queen that wears shoes is the queen of wands, also the most "fightable" of the four.Well, thatīs just an opinion. It could be all nonsense but... In fact, when I read, the only shoes that do carry an important message are

The four of pentacles - "childish" slippers, insecurity, person attached to things for safety reasons.

Six of Wands - red slippers, energetic, royal, victory after bloody (red) battles

Ten of Wands - Very tight shoes, cutting circulation, oppression, sacrifice through excessive work

King of Cups - Comfortable, tsensible shoes, tailored to his feet,just what the owner needs...

The lack of shoes, on the other hand gives me a feeling of strength, stability,being in tune with yourself and nature, of accomplishment.

Curious to see what others may add to the "shoe" factor!
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