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Druid Cultures...

I have also been wondering for some time now as to why some were wearing and some weren't wearing shoes in the Druid Craft Deck.

Then it hit me..... like a hot brick!

They are all of the Druid tradition so some of them will be Celts and some Pictish.
Many of the people who are wearing shoes (apart from the Royals) to me seem to be Celts
and the ones without shoes look more like the Picts. Picts are well known for running in to battle naked wearing only WOAD (the blue war paint) for protection. So it seems that it may be a cultural thing...

The Royals on the other hand are all over the place but I see the princesses have no shoes but all the princes have, the queens don't have except for the queen of wands and two of the kings have whilst two don't lol. It would seem that being a Royal you get to do what ever the **** you like hehehehehe.

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