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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
I've only just come across this thread and found it interesting. I never really payed much attention to the fact that some were barefoot and others were wearing shoes. But, like Ana luisa posted, figured the shoe or shoeless just added a 'hint' to the feeling of the card itself. Also thought it would pertain to the whether or not the card was depicting a grounded person or not. Unfortunately, I do not have this deck available to me right now--its at my vacation home. So, I'll have to wait a week or two before I'm able to go through each card to determine if my above guesses are correct or not.

Then, I read your post, Aeon. I think YOU HAVE IT! Very cool thought process here. I never would've come up with this, I do not think, but I am glad to have read your post and think it is pretty cool the developer of this deck and artist thought to have incorporate this into the pictures. (If they did and you are right this is--and I think you are!).

Thank you
I do so love this deck and I am a Celt too,
Like I said when it hit me it just seem so blatently obvious especially in the swords suit they are all so Pictish pure warriors...

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