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animals are quite amazing Emily!

I bought a back massager battery one pillow that goes on a chair you wrap a elastic band behind it attaches to everything, makes tv picture go crazy mind you! I have physio for it now yet they are quite bossy! I have yoga bands to put on my feet lay on floor and pull, its painful and a few yoga stretches. Ouch! I have a huge pack of ketoprofen to use on my back.
my backs not as bad as it was,
I did sleep with flourite beside me and carry it as I imagine a lot of women do placed it in my bra! can see the mens eyes minds ticking going!) so 99% of women I pass have these in their bras?! I felt the crystal would feel better with warmth and treated it as if it has feelings.
still have no lodestones, yet quite intrigued by them the idea of magnets pulling out pain. no pine ointment as of tax to uk sadly, customs pinged me recently on a pendant from NC.
I did buy labradorite hearts, a Raspberry quartz point I do wonder if both will work on the back. Rarely do I get drawn to gemstones at the moment I am having intense dreams if I use labradorite. I really wanted to buy these at a festival. They are sitting on window ledge in full moon hoping they will calm down.I ran to get money out and ran back to find someone holding them about to buy them. mY head was going no, they are mine put them down.Started praying for them to be mine and envisioned a rope to myself and the crystals. Going those are mine.
That little technique worked and they came home to me.

one is very light grey the other is very dark green. I should have looked where from. one said spectrolite? I paid 8.00 for the two. they had so many but the place was filling up as upto 30k visit strawberry fair. I have to say I wasn't keen on it there as so crowded and larger was spilling from cups so much it would land on you inevitably you couldnt miss it.
There were native stalls peace bracelets yet it wasn't peaceful to walk around sadly. really hard to view anything. I did rush off with two tarot decks as spotted one brick a brack stall with them tucked under a babies toy.I zone din and said how much?

I left with the celtic tarot, voyager box set liz dean tarot. 3 sets! I was super happy. Yet I dont have much space to put them! my problem is if I see tarot or spiritual items now I can not resist them, its like a magnet saying buy me, these people dont respect me and what I am or do! take me home protect me.Love me respect me!my logical side tells me to shut up! the illogical side says right spend cash cant often afford take them home, view them later incase they are the right deck for me. I am still searching for that deck that people have said connects fully to your soul and just fits. I want that feeling! same with crystals!

I will have to take some pictures of my find at the festival. my feet and legs and back still feel awful from walking around as, they caged you in, dangerous if a stampede, as only one exit except for some steep steps, huge railings round you.Never been that way before and everyone was searched.I was glad of it as, it meant safety for all.
The only nice people I spoke to were on the stalls,the wardens and secruity people, the rest of the passers by of those sitting near you were drunk and spilling larger! except for a few eccentrics and hippies like myself who were throwing peace signs which was pretty nice!you could feel the love!

lodestone added to my list of wants.
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