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White Tiger Balm

I keep seeing the back massager's that you put on a chair, am thinking of asking hubby to buy me one for my birthday.

I've never been to a festival like that, which is probably good because I can't pass up on tarot or oracle decks when I see them, I usually have to tear myself away but if I see them on a second hand stall or carboot, then I know I won't be able to walk away. I bought a Rider Waite with the blue lilly back the other week for only 5, I already have this deck and its not one of my favourites but this deck is younger than mine and the printing quality looks better.

I thought I'd also post here about something else that I have found to deal with back pain - well any kind of joint pain - Tiger Balm White, it also comes in red but I have the white - I'm quietly impressed with this stuff. I managed to twist my knee and ibuprofen wasn't working so I trawled the web looking for alternative painkillers and came up with White Tiger Balm - I ordered it off Amazon. It seems to work instantly, it didn't just take the edge off the pain with my knee, it went. The effects lasted a good few hours and then I repeated. All you have to do it to rub it on. But make sure you wash your hands because I also managed to get some on my bottom lip, so that went numb for quite a while. I haven't used it on my back yet.
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