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Re: The Hierophant

Wow RS,

Yet another beautiful description! There's very little I can add, other than the fact that there are 2 nature spirits in the hills to the left of the Hierophant and a tree spirit, in the tree on the right.

The lamps look to me more like diyas (a small clay pot, filled with oil and cotton and lit) - which are predominantly used during the Hindu festival of Divali - also called "The festival of lights" - which symbolises the lifting of spiritual darkness and is also the celebration of wealth and prosperity, the new year and good over evil within every human being.

When looked at from this perspective, it reinforces for me, not only the Hierophants wisdom, but his desire to guide others out of their spiritual darkness and down the path of goodness and wisdom...

The prosperity here to me is shown by how rich the foliage is in the background behind the Hierophant and The Sun plus the additional diyas on the sides of the steps agan reinforcing the triumph of wisdom over spiritual darkness.
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