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Emperor- intuitive thoughts

Interestingly- I see a very feminine side to this Emperor- the long hair, eyes, almost lightning effect of the gilded constellation- it reminds me of a fiery Storm (X-Men). And that image immediately gave me the understanding of Loyalty- given her loyalty to the school. There is also the loyalty I see inherent in this fire sign- a kind of Griffindor quality so to speak. So the Leo constellation mixed with the appearance- that was just the first thing to hit me on the card.

Reputation- I see this as well in the Griffindor range- a reputation of integrity, of fiery passion behind it as well. Dumbledore's army. Leo's can be both fiercely loyal- but reputation is a big deal for them, and can be a deal-breaker in a friendship should you cross that line.

Showmanship- same deal from the Leo piece- and I can also get a sense of it from the figure- there is a certain amount of showing power here- letting the world see the bright flames that come from within.

Chivalry- again the Leo piece- not so much from the card per se, except perhaps again the feminine quality I see to this particular rendition of the Emperor- so a male energy that is comfortable with the feminine aspect.

Honestly- I get a sense of rage from this card- the curled lips and the way that the eyes are looking down- almost as if ready to engage in battle. This is not a king that sits behind an army, but one that screams a war cry and fights in the front with his men. So reputation, loyalty and showmanship comes clear with that.

Reversed it is very interesting- it almost looks like the fire is coming up to greet the face and as if the eyes are rolled back- almost as if someone is horsing/opening up to possession of the gods. The light being the intermediary of human and define- but in a sense of where it has gone chaotic versus having any sort of control- i.e. the bad stories you hear. The anhk now resembles a dagger.

This is a very different Emperor- just like the High Priestess was a very different High Priestess. In most cases- the Emperor signifies a control aspect, almost the equivalent of divine order instead of Chaos.

This is Loki- fiery chaos in all it's forms- both brilliant as well as loss of control. The wild and the destructive all together in one massive force. There is a book (fiction) about the story of Loki called The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris (a very good read btw)- her vision of Loki is the figure I see in this card. There is an honesty to it- a self-destruction that you see coming but so beautiful in the fire that you know the world would be at a loss if not for that brilliant, though fleeting, flame. I see Loki when this card is reversed so much more. Storm (a fire version) when upright. I think both have inside them equal capabilities- it is just a matter of how much you move with the Chaos, versus how much it tears you asunder.
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