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Magic Realist Press - Fairytale Tarot - The Death

First thing that grabbed my attention were the candles, they are lightening up the whole picture as if promising the “dissolution” of the darkness, though the accompanying story, the Godfather Death itself is quite “dark”.
An old man was looking for the Godfather for his thirteenth born child. He encounters Death and after paying respect to her for treating the poor and reach equally, he accepts Death to be the Godfather; in return, Death promises to make the child a famous physician.
Later on Death instructs the child –young man by now- how to treat the patients for whom there is cure and tells him to let go the patients who have to pass away.
Everything goes well until the young man tricks Death to save the kings life; Death forgives him, but he does it again in order to save the life of the princess – this time Death tricks him in return and ends his life.
Very complex story, as well as the picture itself, it’s rather difficult for me to connect the two.
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