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Magical Forest - The Fool

I haven't participated in a study group before so I"m not sure how to go about this but we can wing it! As long as we learn about the deck that's what we're here for.

The first part of the LWB for the Magical Forest deck talks about an enchanted forest and how the animals there had human voices and virtues. These creatures were discovered centuries ago and their stories were told in fairy tales and fables. It is considered a fantasy world where there is always an animal who offers advice, remind us of someone, a wise tree, etc. This tells me that we need to look at every thing in the illustrations and see what else is there that we might overlook.

In the middle of the Magical Forest is a Sacred Tree where the animals come to for advice, etc. There is a Sacred Tree spread included with this deck.

0 - The Fool

The infinitive attracts zero: Dreamy Little Pig sets out, urged onward by his own nature and instinct. "I'm setting out to seek my fortune," he told his mother when he left home and embarked on the great adventure of his life. He follows his own dream, and for this reason he looks up towards the sky and pays no attention to where he places his feet.

"The infinitive attracts zero." I would assume this is a translation error, infinitive is a part of speech, not a noun or verb. Maybe it is infinity or infinite that is meant here. That would make more sense to me. What would the zero be?

The little pig is up in the warm sunlight. Below appears dark and cold. The Sun in front of the Pig is opposite of traditional cards where the sun is behind the Fool. The sun being behind the fool represents the fool heading in the Northwest direction which is supposed to be the unknown. This pig is heading into the sunlight while he's about to fall off a cliff.

He's holding a white rose, traditional but it's supposed to mean that he's free from animal desires but what does that mean when it's an animal holding it?

It's interesting to me that his little dog is a toy dog. It's the only card that has a toy shown in it or any animal that has wheels for legs. Is this because the Pig is not really taking along a real friend but an imaginary friend? Maybe he's not responsible enough for a real pet? The dog looks kind of strange. It looks like it's scared.

What does anyone else think?
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