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Quantum Tarot: the Four Swords

It's past my bedime, and the card I pull to discuss tongiiht tells me exactly that. It tells me there is healing to be had in rest. I'm tqalking, of course, the Four Swords. In my comfort deck, it shows a desert island with a couple of palms, a hammock between them, sunset-lit water and a bottle bobbing in the waves with a note inside it clearly saying "don't come". Retreat, and more particularly retreat in solitude, is deeply healing for some of us all the time, and for all of us occasionally.

We see in this card the profile of a face, lying down, four swords lying in the space above it parallel. there is light and energy blazing away in the distance, reflecting off the polished blades but leaving the hilts in soothing darkness. A stream of tiny purple particles, neutrinos, comes out of it, nd floats through the sleeping head as if it were not there.

Neutrinos are the unsung particles in the universe: with minimum mass and size and no charge to affect and be affected electro-magnetically, they drift through us, untouched and untouching, utilising the spaces between the sub-atomic particles and possibly even the textured vibrating strings of those parti\cles themselves, as their ground for moving.

If they want our attention they cannot get it: They are the loneliest particles in the world, unable to touch us, be seen or be heard. their pathos reminds me of Echo: a forest nymph raped violently by Zeus, she appealed to Hera woman-to-woman for help and justice, and instead saw the shadow side of a wife's jealousy. Wanting healing, she is offered violence: wanting justice, she has her lovely looks replaced by invisibility, and her powers of speech taken away - or almost. To torment her even more, Hera decreed that from that time hence, in lonely places, she would be able to repeat the last syllable of any human speech she heard, so as to tantalise without ever being able to gain the help and true communication she needed.

In the same way, neutrinos are invisible and almost unheard by us, echo-ed in theoretical necessity and otherwise almost undetectable. Echo - and neutrinos - have to find what healing they can in silent travel through aeons of solitude.
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