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Quantum Tarot: The Queen Wands

I am an Earth sign and nowdays I identify as a Queen Pentacles, but from the 1970s through to twelve or fifteen years ago, I identified strongly as a Queen Wands. And frankly, I miss her in myself. And I'm not altogether comfortable with missing her.

As befits a Queen of Fire, the card glows with yellows and oranges. Bottom right-hand corner, the symbol for Venus is also the symbol for womanhood. A shallow orange ocean of goodness knows what heated, corrosive chemicals laps at our feet. An intense young woman squints through the light, looking over our right shoulder, trying to see something of crucial interest behind us. Three upright Wands demark space as flagpoles might, through the boiling air and the glowing Heliocanthus blazing away in the sky, top-right, like a too-close sun.

This woman is not focussed on the here and now. She has Plans. The Wands are tools to her, she'll even use them to pole-vault if it gets her there quicker. The glowing sunflower and its nutritious seed-head offer her its cheerfulness and energy to get her through whatever she has to do to achieve her goal, yet her femininity is never in question.

I am busy yes, and I am future-focussed yes; but I really, really miss having my own inner Queen Wands to call on when I need her.
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