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Oh well, there you go. And regarding your earlier comment about the King having alcohol as a potential weakness, I had an alcoholic stepson for a number of years, who was much more a Knight. And in Scapini's Stained Glass Tarot, the Knight Cups shows a horse trying to make a run for it, the knight has slipped off the saddle but his ankles are tangled up in the reins, and while he is close to incapable, he is using that last desperate bit of alcoholic determination not to let the full Cup in his hand tip over and waste any of that wine! I really remember that - they'll stagger all over the house and crash into walls and fall over, but they *won't* spill a drop. Kings, in my humble view, are the ones who have grown past the Knight (who's just reached the age at which drinking is legal) and learnt to master his addictions.
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