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Quantum Tarot: 11 Justice - Planck's Constant

Quantum Tarot: A tarot of New Physics, by Kay Stopforth and illustrated by Chris Butler, arrived in my letter-box yesterday. This beautiful and mysterious silver-gilt-edged deck is from the wonderful Kunati publishers, sadly now in demise.

Such a thrill - different from any other deck I've ever encountered.

The card I've drawn today, my first from this deck is 11: Justice - Planck's Constant.

The Justice card, with a purple-red glow, bears a full-length silhouetted image of a woman, standing just beyond a round circle of light on the ground, and holding a set of equally-balanced scales in her left hand and a long-bladed knife in her right hand.

The card also bears the following intriguing message, printed vertically and commencing just below the scale to the right side of the card: 6.626068 X 10-34 m2 kg/s.

The small accompanying book explains that this is Planck's Constant in Quantum Theory.

At the foot of the card are the number 11 and the word Justice.

The question posed by the book for the Justice card: What truth do we need to face?

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