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Quantum Tarot: 11 Justice - Planck's Constant

A little more physical information about this Justice card:

The number on the face of the card is the Arabic number 11, as in eleven.

However, Roman numerals are used for the cards in the accompanying booklet, XI for this card.

The 200 page booklet is the same size as the cards, like that of the Kunati's Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black, and is packed into the box holding the deck. This book goes well beyond the usual LBW included with Tarot decks, and the packaging and practicality of the deck surely reaches new heights.

The sturdy and attractive box stands upright, and the lid lifts off the top, unlike that of the Touchstone Tarot whose box lies flat with an attached lid that opens like a cigar box.

The majority of the images on the cards are sourced from those taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, with a few from NASA Solar System Missions.

I'm hoping other members who also have the Quantum Tarot will soon join me in this thread.

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