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Cool! Someone else starting threads in this group! I'm thrilled! <wild cheering, clapping and stamping>

One of the things I love best about this card is that the figure of the woman holding the scales (very traditional, that!) is not actually there: like some of the other finest of the cards in the deck such as the Hanged Man, she is implied by absence, the absence of light or mist making up the rest of the background. Like the whole concept of Justice itself, which is an intangible without physical reality, she is an intangible without physical reality, an absence of substance, an absence of dust, an absence of light.

Planck's constant is the smallest "parcel" that energy can occur in in nature, just as a single pixel is the smallest unit you can isolate out of a computer image. It is a very, very small thing. At those dimensions, arguably, nothing has physical solidity, all things are energy, so everything is made out of tiny little packets of energy this size and up. I love the way the mathematical description of Planck's Constant is running vertically down from one cup of the scale - it is as if it is no weight at all, not weighing the scale down nor able to force it up.

I'm also interested by the H-bar: it more resembles a cross-and-target on the far left of the card, which the woman's sword seems to be referring to without any sense of threat.

BTW, if you look here, you'll find a number of other threads. Good to see someone else interested!
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