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There is Femida on the card. It is usually described with blind eyes. Blindfold goddess symbolizes impartiality. The judge is no respecter of the litigants themselves, their property and social distinction, but only heed the facts and truth, vyslushavaya both sides. Justice does not distinguish between people, it blindly in the sense that it pays only for the law.

We can see also Saturn sign on the card. And Femida is staying in the middle of the New Born star look like Saturn circles.
Femida is very close to Sturn allegory.
Due to Anciant Myth Saturn is old man whose mouth is closed with flap tissue. Silence is the virtue of Saturn.

Saturn emphasizes moments of irreversibility and time, time is going in silence. We often say - "time will tell", "time will judge." Saturn is severe to those who can not appreciate the time. Mind the planet Saturn is not being deceived by the appearance of things and people, he is able to see and to penetrate into the essence of things and events. Time is our great judge. Time does not spare anyone, it is being updated and impartially.

Saturn emphasizes problem of the person, indicates what should occur and where potential, which should work. Of course, that this area will be narrowed to specific indicators, it will manifest difficulties and trials, if you do not follow the established goals.
Saturn has the principle of concentration, compression, so it points to what the focus should be, so that life was in a favorable way.

Also Saturn Sign is comparing with latter "h" - Planck's Number. it is consists of 6.626068 10-34 m2 kg / s.
Planck's number is one of the universal numerical constants of nature that is included in many formulas and physical laws describing the behavior of matter and energy in the scale of the microworld.

6.626068 10-34 m2 kg / s is the LAW OF OUR NATURE. The Planck constant appears in all equations and formulas of quantum mechanics. Planck's constant the boundary between the macroscopic, where the laws of Newtonian mechanics act, and micro-worlds, the laws of quantum mechanics come true.
It is balance between material and spiritual.
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