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i just received this deck and am so in love! so have been reading the posts on each card and when reading this link and looking closely at the card, I wondered about the performer's body language. Most sword swallowers stand up and handle the swords carefully to have complete control and minimise risks. But this character is doing it upside down in a contorted pose - why? And why so haphazardly? Is it totally without thought or knowledge? This can't be the first time swallowing a sword, surely....

I agree about the ill conceived plans and bluffing or gambling but crossing fingers and hoping for the best, really exhibits some naivete - so is it due solely to inexperience? And why are the other swords lying around or planted into the ground? Were they used before and 'missed' going in or will they be used for something else? One can only swallow one sword at a time but there are enough in the card to keep practicing and performing for a while.

So possibly to me, this card seems to be someone who is a rule breaker, wanting to explore new ways of doing things and pushing limits and boundaries with radical and bizarre ideas trying put them into practice (I thought of David Blaine) but maybe doesn't have the resources or forethought in fully comprehending possible limitations (esp. what the body and mind can do). It's not about following the establishment, but breaking out on your own and trying something radical although you might fail (and in this case disastrously so!).

And possibly since this is the 7 of swords (7 a magic number?) - it can be about illusions and mastering the mind to try to manipulate the body. But that sword isn't going to bend and his position doesn't allow for a straight passageway....that is, if it cord doesn't snap and cause injury or death first. So it is all just a deadly trick or about taking a huge great risk but one that could have equally great rewards?

And maybe it's an advice card to really be thoughtful and really think through all possible outcomes. Don't rush in thinking it will be fine and the details will sort themselves out along the way. Rather, methodically prepare for every outcome, double check for weaknesses, and have back-up ideas just in case one may have to change direction or position along the way or mid-performance.
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