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Fairytale Tarot (MRP) -- Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is made manifest in this deck by Hans Christian Andersen's uncharacteristically gentle tale of the Ugly Duckling: found here, but very well known regardless.

This story shows a wonderful way to combine the notion of new beginnings (the ace) and the world of the emotions (cups). The duckling begins as an outsider, but gets a fresh start when he finds his own "tribe." (Actually, the correct collective noun for "swans" is "eyrar" but I had to look that up. Great word though.)

I suppose this card could signify the attainment of self-esteem. The duckling learns to love himself when he discerns his true nature. Although, suppose, when he grew up, his true nature was still physically ugly? What of that? Or does this story mean that we are all beautiful (I'm hearing horrible echoes in my head now of Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All")?
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