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The rider shows up on the edge of a mountain with snowy (frozen water) mountains in the back. The rider only bears an helmet and a black cloak, and we cannot see his face. On his left hands he holds a cup and his left hand holds the head of a male medusa. Considering the medusa appeared on the Seven of Cups and the card was showing our darker side and emotions, I agree with hopena that slaughtering that medusa is getting rid of darker emotions or darker aspects of ourselves. The horse is standing upright on two feet. All the Lords are caught in a moment and they all look fierce and not the type you want to mess with. This card is fire in water, and while I can find the water as the frozen snow on the mountains in the background I cannot find the fiery aspects. The only elements all Lord cards have are the horses of course and the storms they're in. I'm guessing either the storm or the horse represents that fire.

The Tarot of Vampyres is inspired by the Thoth Tarot so this card is the Knight of Cups in the Thoth Tarot and the King of Cups in the RWS.
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