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NightTrips has given us the interpretation from the LWB. I'd like to give my personal interpretation, although I think Sun is such a strong of a symbol that it speaks to us all in a very similar way.

So, let's start with happiness, as it is the key concept of this card. In fact, happiness IS the Sun. It is situated in the center of the solar system (as illustrated on the card) and it should be in the center of our lives. It's important to note though that "hapiness is a way of travel, not a destination" (LWB). We should not live in anticipation from one moment of happiness to another, but find joy in everyday things, in everything what surrounds us, we should marvel at the world like a child.

The whole card is in motion. Motion means life and life is given to us by the Sun. The card represents a lively, dynamic person who enjoys in different activites and finds fulfillment in them.

I would like to see this card realize itself in my life, because I'm a person who tends to see things negatively. A good portion of optimism would help a lot . Of course, when reversed, it has the opposite meanings, but let's not spoil the fun .
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