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Vision Quest - Eight of Water

Description: This card is very dark. There are eight bowls stacked, some broken, none holding water. They are sitting on some pebbles, and there is a very small streamlet running close by.

Significant Details: The black on this card signifies a depression, a standstill, no energy can come near. The bowls, stacked and broken, seem to say that all is gone. The streamlet is flowing, but more from gravity, than from force. There are pebbles, not rocks, which seem to portray the lack of stability.

My Interpretation: Everything is at a standstill. You are overcome with worries, listlessness, possibly depression. There may be some sort of separation in your life. You lack energy.

I feel alone, depressed. There is nothing. There is nothing growing. There is a little brightness, but not much.

These bowls were left, forgotten, possibly they are no longer of importance. They were used, then broken, then forgotten.

When I look at the 7 (Excess), then the 8 (Stagnation), then the 9 (Joy) I notice that the 7 has room for growth, but the 8 is definately lacking growth. The rocks in all three of these cards are almost the same color, but the 9 has more green (growth). When looking at the 8 in this sequence, maybe it is letting us know that we have reached the worst, but that all is not lost? There may be hope if we can control our emotions?
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