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Description: The clown is dancing at the edge of a cliff with his travel bag in his left hand. In the sky above him there is a coyote and to his left is a coyote howling.

How I feel about this card: As we all sometimes find ourselves at the cliff’s edge, the clown also finds himself there, and with the help of his spirit guide, he will follow a new path. The spirit guide is gently supporting the clown, pushing him to a new path, but still allowing him to make the decision. The streaked sky symbolizes a great indecision. The coyote is trying to distract the clown, possibly from making the new start, or possibly to direct him to a new path.

Significant Details: Coyote is the trickster, and some nations believe he is the creator of man's world. Here he is the clown's spirit guide. The medicine bag contains the spiritual things that are important to the clown. The travel bag contains things needed for the clown's journey: medicine, food, etc. He is dancing at the cliff edge, but as I see him as contrary, I don't think he will step off the cliff, rather take a step backwards.

My Interpretation: New and startling opportunities arrive. You are contemplating a decision to break with the old and start a new path. A new cycle or unplanned change of directions is at hand.
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