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Keywords*: Freedom, humor, innocence, independent spirit, enthusiasm, love of life, ability to love, non-possessiveness, egolessness, in harmony with self and life

Inner message*: This is a sign of good fortune for all those who strive for true inner freedom. It symbolizes your childlike innocence and playfulness. The Clown has realized that any bondage, as comforting and profitable it may seem to the greedy ego, will only lead him astray. He is free to live his truth, free to express what he really is. He has dropped his masks forever. They are no longer needed, because the Clown is wise enough to know that he has nothing to lose. Moreover, he has mentally disengaged from social restrictions of any kind. The spiritual path he points out to you is one of BEING instead of having, possessing, attaching. His way is one of pure enjoyment, just fooling around and having fun, because he has developed the ability to simply not identify himself with anything seriously.

Outer manifestation*: Most Native American ceremonial rituals reserve a place of honor for the Clown – a dancer who mocks others behind their backs in a sweetly hilarious way. The tail of a coyote may be fastened to his hindside, so he can provocatively swish it in front of everyone’s nose. He fools around with his mask, hops around other dancers, pulls their hair and imitates their movements. A raucous sense of humor, a sparkling lightheartedness is considered an essential element in these holy invocations. With his irreverent, unselfconscious ways, the Clown makes everyone aware of the need to continuously find a balance between the two extremes every energy comes along with. If we maintain a seriousness that excludes all silliness, we tend to become fanatical. If we neglect to concentrate long or precisely enough, projects don’t get the attention they need for further development.

So simply enjoy everything that comes along, without hankering for a tomorrow that might bring you bigger and better. Re-discover the playfully creative element inside you. You don’t need to possess what makes your heart sing! Return to the childlike delight of experiencing without holding, the tasting that knows no clinging. Drop all your mental fixations stemming from insecurity. Let the exuberance of the Clown spill over into your daily life and wash away your self-created limitations. Moreover, learn to laugh at yourself sometimes! Start to mambo with the Clown within. Recognize that the Clown’s humorous take on life, born from wisdom, surpasses all learnedness.

*From the LWB
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