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Numerology Reference: 8 - Movement, Change, Action or Inaction, Accomplishment, Power, Rebirth, Regeneration, Reevaluate

Keywords*: Stagnation, standstill, energy block, strife, worries, listlessness and sadness, depression, separation

Inner message*: Nothing works… at least that’s how it seems right now. Because the free-flow of your energy is blocked by tension, a prolonged inner stiffening, sadness arises along with heaviness and feelings of oppression. Let go of your old, burdensome ideas of who you have to be, or how you have to feel and live your life.

Outward manifestation*: Struggling against the current of our inner life force seems to strengthen the ego for a while, but in reality we merely violate ourselves. If you refuse to pay attention to the pressure your acknoweldged feelings exert within you, the pressures in your outer life will intensify. Sit quietly and let the energy knot soften within you. Move your body, and allow your true feelings to come up to be dispersed. Then your vital forces begin to flow again very quickly.

First Impression: You felt the excess burdening you, now it has come to the point of stagnation, where you can’t take in anything anymore. Go to that inner peace place, where it is very calm, still and quiet. Go to the center of the problem and find yourself again. Find the balance within again. Everything starts from within.

My Interpretation: Everything is at a standstill. You are overcome with worries, listlessness, possibly depression. There may be some sort of separation in your life. You lack energy. Meditate, that might help you finding energy again. Whatever you do, do not lose hope.

*From the LWB
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