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First Impression: She is very in tune of the surroundings as well as with her spirit guides. You can see her listening to the vibrations of her Spirit Guide Bird.

Keywords*: Self-liberation, emancipation, freedom-loving spirit, awakening intuition, tuning into one’s own inner power, sometimes confusion between thoughts and gut-feelings

Inner message*: Your inner amazon now wants to find a clearly defined direction. She refuses to stay submissive. She insists on being fully herself, whatever it may cost. A profound longing for your own inner truth demands your undivided attention. You are wll on the way to finding yourself.

Outward manifestation*: With awareness and a little skill you can steer the immense powers of your feminine energies in a positive direction and understand their nature more deeply than ever. First frop all negative judgments about your apparent shortcomings. Your energy turns ‘acidic’ when you insist on maintaining a fixed position with too much vehemence. Wild mental horses will drag you away as long as you don’t know how to tame them with love. so stay alertly flexible!

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: It almost looks as if the golden eagle is being pushed away by the girl's aura. Maybe her inner power is so forceful, out of control, right now that the eagle can't reach her with it's message. As her eyes are closed, it is possible that she doesn't even know the eagle is there. Will she receive the message the eagle is trying to bring her? Will the eagle eventually be noticed?

I think quite the opposite – the Eagle gives her the vibrations, she has his feather on her hands. She’s so in tune what the Eagle is trying to tell her, he is her Guide. She is turning inward, to her intuition, to get the answer what she’s seeking for.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s interpretation!


First Impression: He is very determined to become his own person, he is a little rebel. He is such a macho guy, showing he’s tougher than he actually is. He wants to be like his father.

Keywords*: Rebellion, urge to be free, vehemence, restlessness, inner conflict, mental agitation, the cain attempt to fulfill ego desires

Inner message*: The ‘liberation phase’, where one breaks away from ones own habitual thought patterns and those of others too, is one of the most important steps in growing-up. This phase cannot be bypassed. With unflinching clarity you have to recognize that struggling with your own inner world, your own phantoms, projections and identifications, will get you nowhere. Once you have seen this for yourself, the inner battle ends. You realize it was you, who projected the movie now playing on your internal screen.

Outward manifestation*: Thoughts, when not supported and tempered by the heart, are not endowed with positive, life-giving power. Right now it is best to refrain from carrying your misgivings out into the world or involve more people in you rresistance fight. Accept the message of this card and ask yourself what exactly you keep on fighting within yourself. Slowly learn to stay centered, even in the midst of chaotic activity. Learn to rest in the stillness within, the silence that clarifies all things for you.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s interpretation!


First Impression: She is very well aware of who she is.She is well-respected in her tribe. Her and her husband are the leaders of their tribe. It seems as if she was crying a little bit, perhaps longing for her old home. Because it was attacked, they have to be on the constant move (teepees behind). She’s definitely missing something, longing for something or someone.

Description: There is a woman with her hair blowing back. Behind the woman we can see the teepees of her people. There is an eagle flying behind the woman, and an eagle formation in the yellow clouds in the sky.

The woman also has two feathers on her hair, signifying that she has earned her high-positioned place of her people. These feathers haven’t been given to her, but she has earned them by being courageous, confident, strong and intelligent.

Symbols: The eagle is a messenger from the spirit realm. The woman, the mother, looks as if she is moving, searching. ´

I also think that she is looking where to go next. Since the teepees usually represent temporary homes, they are on the move, and she is looking out for her people as well as their next move.

Keywords*: Self-awareness, intelligence, inspiration, self-respect, confidence, inner strength, clarity, creativity, courage

Inner message*: This image depicts your strength to be who you truly are. Not who you are supposed to be, should have been, or what others would like to make you become. Your self-confidence has been awakened. With it awakens the courage to drop your masks once and for all. This is the only way to return to your own inner center.

Outward manifestation*: You have the intrinsic courage to express yourself with unmistakable clarity and to take your rightful place in life. This doesn’t mean pushin anyone out of your way. You are learning to be more kind to yourself, no longer trying to please everyone else first. Thus you disengage from preconceived ideas and the prejudices you may have bought into. Now you are recognizing your absolute worthiness. Just begin to behave accordingly. By respecting yourself, you are showing others how to treat you. If you honor and take care of yourself, other people will respond in kind!

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What is the Mother searching for? Why is she leaving the protection of her people? The eagle is coming to bring her a message, possibly she is searching for the eagle?

It seems as if she’s crying. Maybe her tribe has been attacked, maybe she’s longing for her own dear permanent home that she had to leave behind. Maybe she’s searching where to go next, or perhaps a message from the eagle to guide her and her people.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s interpretation!


First Impression: He is the leader of his tribe, look at the amount of feathers he has! He’s incredibly strong, intelligent, and has quick-wit intellect. But he is also very caring and loving. To anyone who goes against him, he will protect himself as well as his tribe. You will have to earn his trust.

Keywords*: Mental strength, intelligence, clear thinking, astuteness, focused intention, decisiveness, quick-witted intellect, sometimes being caught in the head

Inner message*: Trust your perceptiveness! You know better than anyone what is right for you and what is not. stop avoiding a matter that can be cleared up easily with a few insightful words. You have the mental and spiritual strength to make positive changes right now. Focus your mental powers on a ‘merger‘ with your heart. Then your heart will give your intellect two evenly balanced wings.

Outward manifestation*: Now use your intelligence to consciously pursue some genuinely fulfilling goals. You have the verbal skills and mental sharpness to get what you want. But it is no longer enough to outwit others for your own gain. You are ready to employ your considerable mental prowess in a more conscious and respectful manner. Your passionate desire to do what is good and right for all will be gratefully acknowledged by those who grudgingly admire you.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagle’s interpretation!

*From the accompanying LWB
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