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Originally Posted by HarmonyWind View Post
Because the first coyote in the background is like a halo around him, it seems as if it is his spiritual or inner self that is being called to.
- that's what impressed me most of all about this card, the way how the coyote is rising over him, like it was his spirit..

I know, both aspects of the card Fool - being naive, innocent and in the same time ironic, a little evil and wise - are present, but I think the card is focused on the second aspect. It is not a young guy with a white flower (like in Osho Zen Tarot), it's a professional clown from a show. Maybe it's better to say it is not (only) his profession/role, but his lifestyle.

The howling coyote (/dog/wolf?) on the backgroung is stil a riddle for me. The same animal we can find on the card of Moon. For my intuition a howling animal can mean worry.

In every card I will pay attention, where the main character/characters is/are looking. Here, I think, the clown is looking insight of himself.
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