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Zombie tarot - Page of Cups

What is it about zombie kids that make them almost cute? However, advise is don't be fooled by those puppy dog eyes. Puppy dogs in the zombie world are dogs from hell. Trust me the have no resemblance to human dogs. They are also likely to be worse ankle biters than certain small dog breeds. (They would aim higher, but for now the neck is out of their reach, bless 'em). And if they do sink their teeth in you can't just ring the warden to have it removed and destroyed. They don't mean anything by it though. They are just being affectionate in their own small way. He will try and show affection. Bringing you a bucket of brains is like him bringing you a wee bunch of daisies from the garden. He does care, but you gotta understand - it is hard to find wrapping paper for offal, so his offerings may be basic but are from the heart. If he had one, that is. He also just a regular kid in so many ways. The owner of that brain? He's now buried in the sand somewhere.
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