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Based on your comments in the 7 of Grails where you say that Medusa symbolizes our dark side - what's the message being sent by the Lord of Grails? He effectively cuts off the head of Medusa, a very violent act, yet it could be supposed that it is one of mercy, to liberate her from her wretched existence?

And the reference to the Pegasus and poetry... out of such inner turmoil, or - in facing our deepest desires, heartbreaks, shadows, births the poetic soul? I've read that one of the greatest tools of a writer is to draw on the hardest, most troublesome heartbreaks and disappointments in life which give birth to some of the most beautiful and profound works of art and literature. Like Romeo and Juliet, unrequited love so pure yet so sad.

And further, the reference to her blood being able to heal and resurrect the dead. I would concur with this. I have long thought the Lord of Grails to be the ideal candidate for a doctor or shaman.
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