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Ive been getting this card a lot lately but Im not sure why and what this card stands for. I always find courts difficult and I know Im not alone with this

To me it looks like there is a wedding gown and a wedding bouquet below the bench she is sitting on and there is blood all over them and also on her knife. So has she been cutting someones wedding dress - maybe its her own? Does this mean she has outgrown something or someone?

Originally Posted by WolfyJames View Post
She seems to be the grown-up version of the girl on the Three of Knives..
Yes, that is true. It could be the same girl and the same knife but now she has become confident. She is not lost anymore.

ETA: I found an interesting thread in Using Tarot Cards: Conquering the Court-Page of Swords
and there are a few things that seem to speak about our Daughter of Knives. For example:
Originally Posted by willowfox
I think his stance is one of defensiveness when in actual fact there is no need, it looks like he is not sure what to do and how to act in the situation that he finds himself in.
Yes, I think that could be one way of looking at this card: the Daughter of Knives has sliced that wedding dress and she is defensive about it but not sure what to do next. What do you think?
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