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I see this thread is quite old, but I'm just getting to know this deck, so...bump.

In this card I'm imagining that she is looking at a nature scene around her rather than looking at other people. Perhaps she is in a forest? Or perhaps, since this is usually a water card, she is sitting at the edge of a lake? The crow in her hand has "whispered secrets to her", according to the LWB, and perhaps there are also other creatures around her that she is communicating with. Maybe she is looking at them.

I get a feeling of a sense of oneness with nature. She has a great knowledge of the wilderness around her, and she is bonded with it. The full moon reflects the "fullness" that she feels when she is surrounded by the wilderness of the earth that she loves and understands. In my mind that "fullness" or "wholeness" equates to the joyfulness that this card is meant to represent.
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