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I agree with this card. I've lived long enough to know what it means and to have lived what it's talking about way too many times, so I understand it.

There really isn't someone else who is going to make you whole and fulfill all your dreams. Only you can do that and realize that. And it's only once you understand this truth and arrive at that place that you can have a relationship that's the most healthy and fulfilling. Until then, you're emotionally needy and looking for someone else (or something else) to patch up the holes in your soul.

I'm not throwing stones at those of you who dispute the book or the card. I'm not saying you haven't found that one person you were meant to be with. I'm only speaking in general terms here. But don't throw this card aside and pooh-pooh what it's saying. It's a great truth that's being expressed. Someday you may understand it better.
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