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I used to panic if a relationship ended. I couldn't stand being alone. My motto was: The best remedy for one broken romance is another one. Seriously. And I lived by that, exactly. If I broke off with someone, I'd go seeking another one frantically immediately, even if I had to sift back through romances clear back to high school days and contact someone out of the blue. It didn't matter to me that he was an "ex" for a reason.

Every man I dated was the one potentially. A one-night stand became the possible man of my dreams and I just knew he was in love with me---or would be shortly. I'd go to great lengths to convince him that I was the woman of his dreams. Without a man I was nobody. If I had been into tarot then, I'd have been consulting my cards constantly to see if he was the one and what he thought of me.

If I was with someone and they threatened to leave me, I'd do anything and become anything no matter how against my nature it was just so they wouldn't leave. I'd make excuses for them and accept any b.s. justification they had for their bad behavior and I'd even take the blame on myself for "making" them do what they did that wasn't acceptable.

It's a long, sordid story and I think a lot of people are caught up in it, even if not to the extreme that I was. That's what this card is about. The notion that we aren't whole and worthwhile without another person.
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