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Originally Posted by jcwirish
No you're not babbling, lol!

The two at the top do seem to stand alone. I was wondering if they were also above the main figure, because they are sort of trying to block her progress. This probably only comes from me because I so generally see this card as "playful conflict".

I think we are meant to emulate the main figure. That's a great point. She is trucking along doing her thing no matter what anyone tries to throw at her. It's a good lesson to learn.

I also like the observation that it seems to be twilight on the background. It's not as fiery and hot as the other cards.
Yes, the people, in their fiery garb are brighter than the rainbow world they inhabit.

Perhaps because our Flame, our Passion must come from within.

There seem to be clouds rolling in, too - they begin to block out the sun.

When times get tough, you must carry that Flame within, for it will not alway be provide from without.
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