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Originally Posted by The Happy Squirrel View Post
(1) Baba Studio appears to be changing their marketing direction
(2) A lot of their loyal customers, those who were there during MRP's humble start are no longer part of their marketing focus
(3) Those who were there from the beginning are feeling a bit left out
(4) Most people agree that this is a normal reaction
(5) Most people agree that as a profit making entity Baba can do whatever they want
Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
Brava, Squirrel! You should do this for a living.
Hear, hear I was impressed by your succinctness, too, HS!

Yeah, the Prague's a beautiful-looking deck. But I'm in the boat with the folks who feel strange about the prices. I said my piece earlier in the thread, no need to repeat.

I feel much the same about high fashion and other luxury items (that they're not worth it--for me), so it's not surprising. I think it's something you're either of one mind or the other about!
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