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Originally Posted by Sulis View Post
So light and dark, good and evil, night and day, male and female, active and passive, up and down, black and white - neither being 'better' than the other - equal and balanced, perfectly fair with no bias either way.
Yes! This card seems like a deconstructed yin/yang (Taijitu) symbol -- with the diamond in the middle and the opposite color eyes reminding me of the symbol's circle of white within the black and vice versa. The cats' bodies are even shaped like the two sides of the yin/yang. And then the sword is perfectly in the middle, no bias, as you said.

Since the yin/yang is supposed to show how the apparent opposites are actually interconnected and dependent on one another (no light without the dark, etc.), I guess that's part of why Justice is perfectly in the middle.

Originally Posted by Maan View Post
Justices sees no colours, nothing but the bare facts.
Thanks for that. That makes perfect sense.
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