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This is what I get out of this card:
Being stuck (on the inside), not connected with emotions or not knowing what to do with them. (The water – emotion – is wild and there are rocks = danger)
She’s got her arms crossed in front of her heart chakra, meaning she’s cannot/will not connect emotionally. She’s completely tensed up: her legs are closed (if one sits relaxed this is not the case), and her hair is enveloping her as if even her hair is shielding her from the outside world.
She doesn’t know what to do, so she’s shut down and nothing much seems to be happening. There are however a lot of mental processes going on: the highlights on the swords give me the impression that the emphasis is on thinking and as the swords are crossed they imply contradicting thoughts and feelings. (hence the confusion) I think the cause of the problem are troubled emotions, as she seems to be sitting directly above the wild water, she seems to be surrounded by it. The water doesn’t flow freely either, the rocky passage is very narrow. This indicates to me that it will take some time before the emotions will calm down and become clear. The narrow passage indicates a narrow view and nothing much “new and refreshing” can come in, well, not easily anyway. Maybe the narrow passage means narrow minded?
I do feel this is all working towards a solution though, not downfall: the moon is waxing.

Warm wishes

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