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Aries 25
Sabian Symbol: A double promise is revealing
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Sensibility I think there may be a few double promises in this movie - Jake promising to do for the General spy work, but jsut accepting his brothers role had this duality (twin) energy.. then there were the scientists who were there for their own purpose - to investigate the biology seemingly innocently but it was not in the beginning... the miners of course.. anyway..

Aries 26
Sabian Symbol: A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Equipment Jake Sully when he could walk as an Avatar - awesome he had legs strenght and freedom.

Aries 27
Sabian Symbol: Lost opportunity regained through imagination
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Reformulation again this happened a few times

Taurus 5
Sabian Symbol: A widow at an open grave
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Reorientation

Taurus 7
Sabian Symbol: A woman of Samaria
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Awakening Neytiri undertaking the training of Jake - it was a sacrifice for her in the beginning she took the stranger in.

Taurus 17
Sabian Symbol: A symbolic battle between swords and torches
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Resolution This simply could be one of the major themes of the movie -
This symbol is about promises and sacred vows keeping them intact and in line with our highest intention.
A Message: Richness in spirit, a sense of justice, guided by strong convictions (all sides had this)
Focus: Single-mindedness and self-determination motivate you to answer important questions.
Affirmation: I am balanced, thoughtful, and energetic.
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