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Originally Posted by MCsea
Aries 4
Sabian Symbol: Two lovers strolling along a secluded walk
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Enjoyment Jake and Neytiri (of course) but also maybe the scientific work walking along side the mining work - 'lovers' interconnected - needed by eachother but not happy...
This could also represent the bond once the Avatar has linked into the Na'avi body.

Aries 7
Sabian Symbol: A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Proficiency Jake Sully- do I need to say more? he was here and there at the same time - awesome
And for all Avatars

Aries 11
Sabian Symbol: The president of the country
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Idealization - the president of Avatar Planet, and the family - extended people who had a common ideology.
On the negative side, this would be the little prat who was in charge of the mining corp.

Aries 13
Sabian Symbol: A bomb fails to explode
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Impetuousness Well I guess is exploded - kind a - near the tree but it failed to do what was inteded for it.
I thought of the bombs in the plane that weren't released (tho they exploded in the plane)

Aries 22
Sabian Symbol: The gate to the garden of desire
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Prospect TO me the whole planet was something desirable.. beautiful and natural - supernatural
And the connection they have via the ends of their braided hair ....... it is how they link to animals and Ewya
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