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Originally Posted by Luminosa View Post
Hi Huck,

Thanks for the welcome and sorry that I have posted my opinion in the wrong place, so pls feel free to delete mine, just expressed my thoughts from pure observation of pieces here and there that seems to go together well and fit each other vis--vis Egyptian lore.

hi Luminosa,

I've no moderator status, so I can't delete anything. If you want "delete" something, you just can edit the file with the button "edit" at the end of the post and write "delete" and kill the old text. That's a common practice and the friendly moderator once will erase the contribution.
... :-) ... and it's helpful, if you once have written something, which you indeed don't want to have on your list.

And if you wish to save the written word, you just could move the text to another place, where it is appropriate. For instance "Skeptic about some of Dummett's remarks" or "Somehow Tarot contains Egyptian elements", whatever your preferred title might be. Other might react, just according their opinion.
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