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I am tempted by this limited edition of the Prague deck, but I am worried about the size of the cards from a practical point of view (165 mm X 100 mm ; or 6.5 X 4 inches)

Baba's regular decks are already quite large (and I like that) but this edition will be considerably larger.

My largest deck in my collection is the large version or Jerri Totten Distant Past tarot (145 mm X 90 mm) ; it's beautiful and still usable eventhoug a little difficult to shuffle, but for larger spreads it is not the best choice, unless you have access to a very large table.
And the limited edition tarot of Prague will be even larger.... The cards will be beautiful, especially in that over size, of that I am sure. But for practicality, shuffling, handling, spreading ?

What do you think of a deck that size, is it still usable ? Is is worth it ?

Do any of you have a deck that size, or maybe one of the other extra-large limited edition from Baba Studio (Alice tarot or else ) ? How do you use it ?
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