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Originally Posted by Wood33
OK...Different users do things differently. It is how you interpret you piles wich will decide if you need to keep dealing. I myself do not deal any cards after Ace or Magician. This will then affect your next pile and the position Aces or Magician's come up.

I will give you a for instance:
Pile 1 - Ace of Pent (4th card)********
Pile 2 - Magician ( 6th card)**********
Pile 3 -Ace of Swords (2nd card)*******

Answer is a definite yes. However, the Mag would come up in first pile. Dealing more cards into a pile could give you more of a chance to get a Magician or an Ace. This would skew the possibilities and your interpretation.
That actually makes more sense.
So basically after you deal the first 13 cards if a Ace and/or Mage is there
you can call it a done deal then.

I was just more inclined to finish the whole process regardless.
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